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iPad 2 Blows Away Rivals In Tablet PC Tests

Influential US product review and rating firm Consumer Reports has rated Apple's new iPad 2 device the best tablet PC in the market.

Despite lacking USB and Flash support, the iPad 2 has been named as the best tablet PC device on the market amongst other offerings from Motorola, Archos, Dell, ViewSonic and Samsung.

According to an article on Thinq, the consumer organisation bombarded the various tablet devices with a series of industry standard tests which included portability, responsiveness of the touch screen, ease of use, battery life and screen glare.

Apple's iPad 2, which continues to break all sales records, scored top marks in almost every test and was named the winner. In the battery life test, the new iPad far outlasted the oppostion, managing to play a video on loop for 12.2 hours before conking out.

Meanwhile, the first generation iPad and Motorola's newly launched Xoom, despite being launched a year apart, shared the second spot in the Consumer Reports tests.

“So far, Apple is leading the tablet market in both quality and price, which is unusual for a company whose products are usually premium priced. However, it's likely we'll see more competitive pricing in tablets as other models begin to hit the market,” said Paul Reynolds, Electronics Editor at Consumer Reports.