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Tabloid claims thousands made sick by 3DS

A report published by The Sun newspaper, which claims that thousands of people have been made ill by Nintendo's new 3DS handheld console, has been rubbished by Nintendo and games retailers.

The tabloid's '3Ds refund row hits Nintendo' story claims that 'thousands suffered dizziness and headaches' and that many of those who had asked for refunds got 'some cash back or nothing at all'.

We're not quite sure where The Sun got the 'thousands' figure from, as its story seems to be based on the testimony of one unhappy user, 27-year-old Sundeep Taylor form Luton, who said his local GAME store offered him a partial refund which amounted to £30 less than he had paid just 24 hours before.

We suspect that what store's staff had offered him was the opportunity to trade in the glasses-free 3D console, not least because the Sale of Goods Act doesn't offer rules about giving refunds for a product if it makes user fell a bit iffy.

The newspaper suggested that users were returning the gadget at record levels, a claim which has now been refuted by Nintendo and all of the retailers mentioned in the article.

"Recent reports are incorrect," Nintendo told Eurogamer. "The number of calls and emails with queries on Nintendo 3DS is in fact well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches and having spoken with our retail partners there are only a handful of people who have actually gone into stores to request a refund."

Nintendo says that the device has been equipped with a 'depth slider' which allows individual users to set the 3D effect at a level which is comfortable for them but, as with any of the current 3D technologies, a small number of people just can't handle the strain associated with tricking your eyeballs and brain into seeing something that isn't actually there.

The Japanese gaming giant repeated its warning that any ill effects encountered were temporary and reiterated that people should take regular breaks.

High street retailer GAME said that it had seen less than five people saying the gadget had made them feel sick and wanting a refund.

HMV said that, although a number of people has chosen to trade the console in, they had not issued any refunds at all.

Nintendo pointed out that 430 GAME and 150 HMV stores had working display models which people could try before purchasing, and that a large number of independent stores were using their own stock for demos.

"Our advice for anyone concerned about potential side-effects or for anyone who just wants to take a look at a Nintendo 3DS is to ask to see and play one before they buy," said Nintendo. "Most stores will only be too happy to oblige."