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Nintendo 3DS Sickness Causes 'Refund Row', Claims 'The Sun'

A report claiming that Nintendo has been hit by a 'refund row' made its way onto the front page of the UK's most-read paper, The Sun, this morning.

According to the newspaper, several thousand users have been suffering from headaches and dizziness after playing the Nintendo 3DS console.

The report however, cited only one source named Sundeep Tailor, aged 27, from Luton.

The news report reads: “Furious gamers made ill by Nintendo's new 3DS console have been REFUSED full refunds.” The article went on to suggest that UK games retailers had witnessed "record return levels" following the console launch.

Some retailers are also reportedly paying either full, or partial refunds to their customers who bought the consoles.

The report claims that Sundeep Tailor, who suffered from dizziness right after playing the 3DS, went to his retailer to ask for refund, but much to his horror, the retailers first refused to refund, and then finally offered him a price 30 Euros less than the original market price.

Nintendo rejected the allegation in a statement to MCV last week. The spokesperson from Nintendo claimed that it had had "zero calls on this issue in both the UK and across Europe since Nintendo 3DS launch. "

Whether or not these allegations are found to be true, Nintendo’s image will have taken a huge blow from the negative publicity in the UK's top-selling newspaper, not to mention any refund costs and potential legal issues.