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RIM Blackberry Platform, A Distant Third In UK Smartphone Market

Research in Motion's Blackberry platform is languishing in third place in the smartphone market according to a survey carried out by YouGov, far behind the two leaders, Android and Apple which own 28 per cent and 26 per cent of the market respectively.

Blackberry could only manage 14 per cent which is ironic as RIM has for so long been almost credited with putting the smart factor in the handset before either iOS or Android ever appeared.

The survey (PDF version) , which was carried out on the behalf of a financial company, also showed that Blackberry users are likely to be more well-off than either iPhone or Android owners.

Which is of little comfort given that most big companies and enterprises prevent their staff from choosing their own handsets for now.

Apple though seems to be looking at invading the corporate market by using its consumer base as the Trojan horse (together with schemes like Joint Venture).

Furthermore only four per cent of Blackberry users spend at least four hours a day on their handsets, compared to Apple's 18 per cent.

This shows how connected Apple users are with their handsets. Paradoxically, Apple users tend to be generally poorer compared to Blackberry ones while the prices of contracts and handsets are more expensive.