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Seagate Debuts Ultraslim External Hard Drive

Seagate launched yesterday what it calls the thinnest external hard disk drive in the world, the GoFlex slim which has a capacity of up to 320GB and comes with a USB 3.0 port.

Its extreme thinness, 9mm, means that the anodised black enclosure only added 2mm to the thickness of the Momentus Thin hard disk drive that powers the device.

Seagate has opted for a 7200rpm device which means that it would be able to transfer data much faster than equivalent 5400rpm USB 2.0 external drives. At 160g and for a suggested retail price of £80, it is a good compromise for those looking for maximum portability without paying extra for solid state storage.

As expected the drive will be compatible with Mac OS X and Windows computers, be powered by a USB port and is sufficiently rugged to be tucked away in a bag.

Seagate includes its own backup software which includes encryption and sync features as well as a Dashboard management tool that makes it easier to err.. manage the storage device; there's also a three year warranty for added "peace of mind".

Oddly enough, Seagate will only sell one version of the drive and doesn't have any plans to release 500GB or bigger models anytime soon. That said, there's serious competition at the lower end of the market with the likes of CNM selling a USB 3.0 drive of similar capacity for £42 complete with a license from DESlock+.