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Sony Will Launch iPad 2 Rival By End Of Summer

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has confirmed that the company will be launching its own tablet PC device by summer's end this year.

According to a report on Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the tablet PC device will run on Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will be released to the US market first, Bloomberg reveals.

Sony had refrained from unveiling its tablet plans at the CES, even as rivals like LG and Samsung have already jumped onto the tablet PC bandwagon being driven by Apple's iPad device.

The company's upcoming tablet PC device will be nothing like the iPad copies doing rounds in the market, it has been rumoured. The Sony tablet, reportedly codenamed S1, is said to sport a lip that resembles a rolled newspaper.

The first ever Sony tablet is also expected to come with a powerful Tegra 2 chip, though Tech Radar reckons that considering the summer's end release date, the tablet could also sport the new quadcore Tegra chip.

Apart from running on Google's tablet-only Android operating system, Honeycomb, which will come with Google's music service, Sony's tablet device is expected to come loaded with the company's own media streaming service. Sony can also offer the PlayStation Suite on the tablet device, similar to the one on the Xperia Play.