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Supplies Of iPad 2 Starting To Improve

The supply of Apple's iPad 2 is showing signs of improvement after the company's online store reported a shipping time of two to three weeks for online iPad 2 orders.

When the tablet PC device was first launched in the US, the shipping time for online orders had escalated to three to four weeks, indicating that the company was experiencing massive supply shortages owing to the ever increasing demand for the second generation iPad model.

Apple had suffered further iPad 2 shortages when the product was launched in 22 additional countries on March 25th. In the UK, the iPad 2 had sold out in almost every retail outlet including the flagship Apple stores, within the first weekend.

Online auction platform eBay had reported that it had seen around 12,000 sales of new iPad 2s on its platform, selling on average at around 50 per cent higher than the going market rate, owing to the low level of supply.

According to an article on Apple Insider, the shipping time for the Wi-Fi only version of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPad has been reduced to two or three weeks.

Apple usually states the maximum shipping time for its products, meaning that, several eager users should start receiving their new iPads within a matter of days.