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Washington Radio Reporter Dumps Bulky Kit in Favour of iPhone 4

Washington-based radio reporter Heal Augustein reckons he is the first in the world to ditch all of his bulky, expensive equipment in favour of Apple's latest smart phone.

The WTOP hack says he no longer has to carry a bag which weighs as much as a bowling ball when he's playing the roving reporter, instead recording, editing and posting all of his articles from the iPhone 4, and in a matter of minutes, according to thinq_

The 14-year veteran says he uses a few cheap tools, and some off-the-shelf accessories, to create audio and video reports which are 92 per cent of the quality he could acheive using more traditional gear.

In fact, it's only when the reporter is asked to provide vide with audio that he turns to using an external microphone, as the iPhone's built in mic points away from the subject being filmed with the rear-facing HD camera.

Occasionally, he also carries an Apple Bluetooth keyboard in order to file web copy which must be really annoying.