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4 More Reasons Why The iPad 2 Makes Sense For Businesses

The last time we look at how the iPad 2 could prove to be a hit with businesses, we zeroed on the infrastructure and ecosystem that Apple has put in place rather than on the device itself. Now, we will look at the device itself and see what makes it a great enterprise workhorse.

Compared to a normal hybrid tablet laptop, the iPad 2 is extremely thin despite its 10-inch XGA display. It weighs around a third of the weight of a standard 13.3-inch ultra portable but with the same footprint. Adding the official wireless keyboard, case and mouse nudges the weight slightly up and you still have the option not to use them.

The iPad 2 has a ten-hour battery life which makes it ideal when working remotely, on the plane and generally outside the office. A similar hybrid tablet would need an additional battery pack to match it especially with Wi-Fi and 3G on.

The iPad 2 packs more firepower than an average ultra portable laptop which are often hampered by low performance graphics subsystem. A recent benchmark test carried out by () showed that the tablet can perform very complex tasks much faster than its bigger and more expensive siblings. This is thanks to its dual core ARM subsytems and its dual core Power VR GPU.

Like its predecessor, the iPad 2 is surrounded by a vibrant ecosystem of accessory manufacturers like Belkin, Proporta and so many others. Together they deliver a bewildering array of products that help enhance the tablet's features or correct some of its imperfections like the lack of a proper keyboard.