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All traces of white iPhone 4 removed by Apple

Late last night, Apple temporarily closed the doors of its online stores and put up the traditional yellow sticky of rumour-mongering.

The 'be back soon' notice usually trumpets a new product or upograde to one line or another, but in this case the only obvious change to the online shop was the global dissapearance of any trace of the fabled white iPhone.

The last we heard, Apple was sticking to its guns with a spring launch, but spring has sprung, the daffodils in our garden are already starting to wilt... and the iPhone 4 for girls is still nowhere to be seen.

Even the page flogging Apple's antennagate antidote, the infamous bumper case, now features only the black variation of the handset, where once the white version took pride of place. In fact, it was pretty much the only place you could see the much-delayed device.

Depending on who you believe, Apple has either given up on the white phone altogether and is hoping that no-one will notice the sudden removal of any evidence it ever existed, or they have finally found somone who can supply paint opaque enough to stop light leaking from the gadget's flash into the camera lens.

Chances are that Apple will can the idea of a white iPhone 4 altogether and save the new livery for the iPhone 5 which is expected to hit some time in June, if our crystal ball isn't on the fritz.