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Anonymous Planning Heightened 'Action' Against Sony

As a part of their ongoing assault on Sony, the hackitivist group Anonymous reportedly set up a Facebook page titled “Operation Boycott Sony”, issuing a warning to the company to prepare itself for some kind of “action” on April 16th.

Sony has invited the fury of the hacktivist group after they launched a legal campaign against George “Geohot” Hotz. The infamous PlayStation hacker had modified the PlayStation 3 on his own, accommodating other operating systems to run on it. Sony has been trying to dissuade others from imitating the young jailbreaker and has therefore thrown the book at Geohot.

Anonymous has targeted a number of global PS3 websites, in particular the PlayStation Network sites have come under attack. All the affected websites were said to be back online by Tuesday morning. Although the attacks have not inflicted huge damage at present, Sony will not be taking the issue lightly, after initially failing to acknowledge any sabotage.

In an open letter Anonymous labelled Sony’s legal action against Geohot as an attack on the right to free speech. The Facebook page started by Anonymous members does not reveal anything about the possible line of action the group is planning on the given date.