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DIY phone cooler extends battery life

We're not quite sure if this is the work of a genius, or geeky buffoonery of the highest order, but a Canadian BlackBerry fan has gone to the trouble of making a night-time chiller for his ageing smartphone, in order to extend the life of its battery.

Dr West apparently did some research on the lifespan of lithium ion batteries and came to the conclusion that temperature, as well as cycle count and depth of discharge, was a defining factor when it comes to longevity.

He discovered that some theories posit that batteries kept in warm environemnts could permanently lose as much as 20 per cent of their potential capacity every year.

Armed with that questionable information, some household tools, and the contents of a box marked 'old bits of PC that might come in handy one day', the good doctor fashioned himself a bedside device which keeps his old faithful phone at a chilly 11 degrees all through the night.

West admits to being a bit concerned about the terror of condensation, and the very real possbility that he might completely freeze his battery, but such things must seem like mere piffle to a man who would go to the not inconsiderable cost of building and powering a mini fridge for his cell phone, rather than buying a new £7 battery.

West says that in Canada, electricity is cheap and tech is expensive - and anyway, he doesn't care if anyone says his idea is "silly and innefficient", he obviously just likes building stuff.

And for that, Dr West, we salute you and your daft phone chiller.

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