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Financial Times Objects To Apple's Subscription Terms

The Financial Times has refused to give Apple control over its customer data as a part of its new iTunes newspaper and magazine subscription service.

In an interview with Reuters, Rob Grimshaw, managing director of the Financial Times said that the publisher was not willing to relinquish control on subscriber data to Apple.

Grimshaw says that a direct relationship to customers and the control of customer data was at the core of its business model and was not willing to give that up for in-app subscriptions.

“We don't want to lose our direct relationship with our subscribers. It's at the core of our business model,” Grimshaw said.

“If it turns out that one or another channel doesn't mix with the way we want to do business, there's a large number of other channels available to us,” he added.

Grimshaw did however comment, "We have a great relationship with Apple."

Apple is insisting that publishers who sign-up for its iPad newspaper and magazine subscription service would have to allow users to subscribe to their digital products via iTunes. Publishers are allowed to bring in new customers or existing customers to their iPad app from their website as well, but they would have to offer the same subscription offers they do on their iPad app.