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Homebrew Smartphone Cooler Extends Battery Life of Chilled BlackBerry

Concerned by a report which said that keeping a smartphone in a warm place could have a detrimental effect on battery life, a Canadian gadget fan going by the name of Dr West has come up with and ingenious (or idiotic depending on the way you look at it) solution to the problem.

West had discovered that some theories suggested that gadget batteries could lose as much as 20 per cent of their potential power every year of they were kept in a warm place.

Armed with that questionable information, some household tools, and the contents of a box marked 'old bits of PC that might come in handy one day', the good doctor fashioned himself a bedside device which keeps his old faithful phone at a chilly 11 degrees all through the night, according to thinq_ (opens in new tab)

The fruit of West's labours was a chiller contructed from an old pencil case, a giant PC heat sink and some other odds and ends which keeps the phone at a cool 11 degrees while the good doctor is sleeping.

Some have pointed out that he could buy a new battery for his ancient BlackBerry for less than $15, but technology would never move on if we always went for the cheapest, easiest solution to our problems, would it?