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iPhone, Android Attract Younger Crowd In UK

Apple's iPhone and Google Android-based smartphones are more popular amongst those between the age of 18 and 34, with nearly a third of the market each according to the Yougov research published a few days ago.

The poll, which was carried out amongst 2001 adults in the UK, also showed that amongst the older smartphone users (55 or more), a quarter don't know what OS their smartphone uses and more than a fifth opt for the Blackberry RIM platform more than the iPhone or Android.

Another interesting piece of information is that more than half of the respondents to the poll aged between 18 and 24 earnt less than £10,000 with 13 per cent opting not to answer.

It isn't therefore surprising that they are the age group that claims to be always overdrawn (nearly 20 per cent of them). but still prefer to opt en masse for the more upmarket iPhone OS and Android (60 per cent in all).

Across genders, it was found that men prefer Android while women have a sweet spot for the iPhone. Symbian is also surprisingly popular amongst men with three times the marketshare compared to the ladies.

The Yougov data also showed that Apple's iPhone OS is the most popular platform in London and that iPhone users are most likely than anyone else to be permanently overdrawn.