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Leak Of Google Music App Surfaces

A tech reviews site has leaked what seems to be the Google music streaming app for Android smartphones and tablet devices.

The leak on claims to be the new version of the Google Music app, and has been downloaded from a developer version of the Android Market.

The leaked Google Music app in question looks very similar to previous Google Music apps but the difference lies in the app's settings.

The app comes with settings like 'Stream music via Wi-Fi' and 'Download via Wi-Fi' only. The app also allows users to cache music and store streamed music temporarily for offline access.

This feature would allow people to listen to music even when they don't have a connection. It is not clear how much music could be cached in this way, or in other words, for how long offline it would suffice.

Earlier, music industry executives had confirmed that the company was developing a music streaming app that will allow users to store their digital music on the cloud and stream it to their Android smartphones and tablets.

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha had also confirmed that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will come with a music streaming service from Google. The search engine giant had also began testing the service internally, on its employees a report last month had revealed.