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Nokia Drop App Sends Links And Images To Handset

Nokia has brought out a new beta application that will allow users to send web links and images from their browser to their Nokia handsets.

Nokia Drop, which appeared in Nokia's beta labs, will work with Symbian mobile phones. The service, similar to Google's Chrome to Phone app, will be available as a browser plug-in. The app currently supports Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Users would have to install a special application on the phone to access this service. Chrome to Phone allows users to view desktop browser links on their Android devices without the need of a special application.

Drop, which is available as a free download from the Beta Labs website, will also let users send photos to their Symbian 3 and S60 5th Edition based smartphones and even remotely change the device's wallpaper. The application has been built using Nokia's QT application development platform.

“Have you ever notice how many clicks you need to do before you have changed your wallpaper? And if you see nice picture on a web site which you want to have as a wallpaper, it takes quite a long flow to have it as a wallpaper,” the company said in a blog post.

With the Nokia Drop app this is easy to do, without bluetooth, cable connection or syncing, the company claims.