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The Sun Continues Crusade Against Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has got itself a very powerful detractor it seems as the Sun newspaper, the country's biggest daily tabloid, published yet another article criticising the 3D gaming console.

After reporting yesterday about "thousands" of gamers suffering from headaches and dizziness and "many" who did not get cashback from retailers (without curiously mentioning the sources), the newspaper published an article about a pseudo-medical examination carried by Dr Carol Cooper, whom Sun presents as its doctor.

As expected, the tabloid rips through the 3DS console saying that it is now "the most returned games console ever" without quoting any sources.

They tested the device on Lee Price, a 22-year old man and found out that after playing four 30-minutes slots of football games with 10 minutes break in between.

Playing through the games in various conditions (seated, standing, walking and in a car) caused the players' pulse to rise to 85 with a 140/84 blood pressure, prompting the doctor to say that she thinks "break period needs to be significantly increased".

We would have lent more credit to the Sun's reporting had they included other portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. Will they induce the same symptoms as the 3DS in the player? We shall let the Sun answer that.