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Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Brand Pages

After the widespread success of Facebook Pages which is used by various brands and organisations for promotional purposes, social networking and microblogging site Twitter is also planning to introduce its own “Pages” feature, a report suggests.

According to a report in Brand Republic, Twitter is looking forward to introducing this feature as a part of their plan to encourage brands to have their own space on Twitter which would enable them to advertise their products as well as engage with their customers and fans.

However, if we are to listen to a Facebook exec's own thoughts about the concept of “branded pages”, this move by Twitter will not necessarily provide companies instant success in their quest for increased brand support using their site.

"Just because a brand has 17,000 fans on Facebook, that does not mean these fans are engaged with them," David Parfect, a Facebook official said while addressing the Social Media World Forum.

Apparently, he was trying to make the point that brands should work towards making their own comprehensive strategies to make the best out of social networking platforms, rather than lusting after a bigger number of “likes” or “followers” on Twitter or Facebook.