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Twitter's New Website Temporarily Disabled

Microblogging platform Twitter was forced to switch back to its old version after being hit by a severe server outage yesterday.

According to a report on Reuters, the company's data centre in Utah has been plagued with major problems forcing the company to move its operations to another data centre in Sacramento, California.

The platform, which allows its 200 million users to send 140-character long messages, had announced last month that it was moving to a new data centre at an undisclosed location in order to keep up with its growing needs.

“We've temporarily disabled #NewTwitter. Our engineers are working on re-enabling it and we'll update you shortly,” the company said in a statement.

The server outage caused the company to move to an older user interface and functionality. Some users of the website were greeted by the old Twitter, while less fortunate ones were not able to access the platform at all.

The outage comes after the company introduced a new home page, which establishes it as a social media platform and some new search functions which allow users to search for Twitter accounts based on areas of interest.

“This new approach helps you find the Twitter users that will best help you follow your interests,” Twitter said.