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100,000 Motorola Xoom Tablets Sold, Analysts Say

Motorola's Honeycomb based Xoom tablet PC has not been able to dent iPad's dominance on the tablet market, with the company selling just 100,000 units since its February launch.

According to new tablet market estimates released by analysts at Deutsche Bank, Motorola's tablet has failed to emerge as a realistic competitor to Apple's iPad range of tablets, with Xoom selling at a rate below five per cent of the clear market leader.

To put things in perspective, Apple's first generation iPad sold 300,000 units in its launch weekend while the iPad 2 is believed to have sold close to a million units in its opening weekend.

The bank came to this conclusion after analysing the Android usage statistics compiled by Android developers. The data showed that Android 3.0 Honeycomb, designed to work on tablet devices, has a user share of 0.2 per cent. As the OS is only available on Motorola Xoom, the usage share points to around 100,000 devices.

Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff, who made the analysis, claimed that if Xoom's sales are not compared to the iPad, then 100,000 units is a pretty decent sales figure.

“This level of tablet sales is in line with our estimates of 50k units in Q1 and 150k units in Q2. While we believe Street expectations may be a bit higher 100k units after only two months on the market is a decent start,” Modoff said in his research note.