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50% Of Men Use Mobile Internet While On Toilet, Survey Shows

Over two thirds of UK mobile users have claimed that their mobile internet usage has increased in the past year, a new survey has revealed.

According to a survey conducted by retailer Carphone Warehouse, of the more than 2,000 respondents, 69 per cent of the Britons claimed that their mobile internet usage right now is more than it was one year ago.

Around 58 per cent of the respondents claimed that the cost of using the internet on their mobile devices was 'too high'. Among the respondents, 70 per cent admitted to accessing the web on their mobile devices at least once a day, while 50 per cent accessed it after every few hours during the day, the Mirror reports.

Carphone Warehouse revealed that around 38 per cent of the people were using mobile internet to access social networking platforms, 26 per cent were doing it to send or receive email, 14 per cent accessed the web from their mobile to check the news and 6 percent used it to find travel directions.

Internet on mobile devices has also invaded toilets and bedrooms, the survey found. Around 50 per cent of the men accessed the web while they were in the toilet and 72 per cent of the women went online while in bed.