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US Wireless Network Could Seriously Inhibit GPS

A new nationwide wireless network being built in the US could disrupt GPS services in the entire country, experts have warned.

The wireless broadband network being built by a Virginia based LightSquared, which will offer super-fast wireless internet access, is expected to interfere with the signals that Global Positioning Systems receive from satellites in space.

GPS experts have claimed that the network could cause serious disruption in the country's entire GPS systems including those use by aeroplanes, police and civilian navigation systems. Experts believe that the issue could take billions of dollars to fix.

“The potential impact of GPS interference is so vast, it's hard to get your head around. Think 40,000 GPS dead spots covering millions of square miles in cities and towns throughout the US,” Jim Kirkland, the vice-president and general counsel of Trimble Navigation, said in a statement.

According to a report on The Guardian, the US government, which had earlier cleared LightSquared's ambitious project, says that it won't let the company activate the network unless it is clear that it does not harm the GPS signals coming from space.

The company has created a working group comprising of company officials, government representatives and GPS industry experts to research the impact of the network on the GPS signal and come with solutions to fix the issue, if they find any.