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Apple Orders 12 Petabytes Storage From Isilon, Report Says

Apple has ordered a massive 12 petabyte storage capacity from large scale storage services provider Isilon Systems to manage the iTunes video download service, a report has claimed.

According to a report on Storage Newsletter, a source within Isilon, a company recently acquired by EMC for $2 billion, confirmed that Apple had recently rented out the massive storage space.

Apple watchers believe that the company is going to use the storage space for its $1 billion North Carolina data centre, which is expected to go live this quarter. Apple had earlier confirmed that the new facility will be used for iTunes and the revamped MobileMe service.

The company is most likely to use the storage to manage the video streaming and downloading services on its iTunes platform. Apple is also rumoured to be testing a SmartTV prototype which combines smartphone and tablet apps, video programmes, video chat and gaming on a single platform.

By purchasing the storage space, which is equal to 12,000 terabytes, or 12 million gigabytes, the iPhone maker has become the largest of the 1,500 customers Isilon has around the world. Some of Isilon's clients include ABC, Alcatel-Lucent, Fuji Film and West Nottinghamshire College.