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Apple Dominates Digital Music Market Among Teens

A recent survey among American teens, providing an in-depth study of their digital music habits has revealed that Apple products are what they crave for when it comes to phones, MP3 players, and tablet devices.

The survey included 4500 teens in the age-group from 13 to 19. While 17% of the youths already owned an iPhone, 37% were planning to buy one in the next 6 months. 22% of them owned a tablet and 20% planned to get one in the next 6 months.

The study conducted by Piper Jaffray also revealed that 4 out of 5 of the youngsters own an MP3 player. This figure, however, is 10% less than the last survey, as more teens now prefer to listen to their music on iPhones. But Apple, apparently has no reason to get upset about this downward figure in their MP3 players’ popularity as 86% of those youths with an MP3 player also owned an iPod.

66% of the participants in the survey admitted downloading music illegally, which is a clear indicator of the fact that the Apple’s downloading and subscription charges are a little above their affordabliity levels. But in spite of that, in even more good news for Apple, the study revealed that 96 % of the total legal music purchases were from its iTunes store.