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Apple heading to Toys R Us with iPad 2

Apple-phobic PC lovers and Androidaholics will be chuckling over news that the iPad 2 has finally found its spiritual home.

Those who describe Apple as a 'fruit-flavoured toy maker' and mock the iPad's lack of Flash, connectivity and business acumen will no doubt be highly amused by the revelation that, as from next month, the Mac maker's proddable PC will be on sale at Toys R Us.

Leaked snaps of the training materials outed by look genuine enough and apparently came from one of the company's loose-lipped employees.

Joining the out-of-town toy superstore, which already sells a pretty decent range of high-tech gadgetry, wouldn't be such a bad move for Apple which is obviously hoping that doting parents spending a fortune on their spoiled progeny will opt to spend a bit of cash on themselves for once.

Apple has already moved into a number of unexpected areas beyond its traditional retail markets including Best Buy, Wallmart and Target in the US, so don't be surprised to see iPads gracing the shelves of you local Asda in the not too distant future.

We, however, can't wait for the day when the giant giraffe gets new Apple products on launch day and we'll be able to mock the grown men queuing outside for days to get their hands on the latest toy from Cupertino.