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BT Accused of 'Bullyboy Tactics' Over Charity Donations

UK telecoms giant BT has been accused of using 'bullyboy tactics' when it comes to collecting charity donations.

Robert Ashton - author of the popular business guide How to be a Social Entrepreneur - says BT is using its financial weight to force out of the market it practically invented.

"It's a great shame that with all the technology and buckets of cash at BT's disposal they choose to compete with an existing charity service rather than adding something of real value to the Third Sector and creating something totally new of their own," said Ashton.

BT's own take on Internet charity collection is free to use apart from any credit card charges incurred, whilst its established predecessor skims a small percentage to pay for its running costs.

"We need social enterprises to behave entrepreneurially: that's how philanthropy can grow. What incentive is there for others to follow the brave example of the team behind JustGiving?" the sole trader added.

"They created a new concept, they did the marketing legwork and they finally set it up to see it deliver them a return. JustGiving has made a colossal difference to the UK fundraising landscape and now, just as soon as things come good, someone comes along and tries to price them out of the market they've just created."

Nobody is arguing that giving to charity is anything other than good, but Ashton thinks crowding a succesful company out of a market it pretty much created rather than finding new ways to fill the charity pot is a step to far.

"BT should stand for Brilliant Thinking, not Bullyboy Tactics!" told thinq_.