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Ex-Gucci Employee Goes On $200,000 Revenge Hacking Spree

A former employee of Gucci America Inc reportedly took over the company’s computers, causing a total shutdown of their servers and indulged in a lot of other “destructive” activities costing the American fashion giant more than $200,000.

According to the prosecutors, San Chihlung Yin, 34, committed the crime as a part of his revenge against the company, after having been fired from service last year.

It seems, Sam Yin created a user account on behalf of an imaginary Gucci employee and used it to access the company’s computer systems. He allegedly shut down its servers, and deleted Emails and other valuable data using VPN access.

Investigations are suggesting that Yin, having worked as a network engineer in the company, was very much familiar with its network and he quite skillfully exploited the flaws in the system to commit this act.

He has been charged with more than 50 allegations, including those of computer tampering, identity theft, falsifying records, computer trespass, criminal possession of computer-related material, unlawful duplication of computer-related material, and unauthorised use of a computer.

This “revengeful” act of Yin ended up costing the company more than $200,000. Although the motive behind the crime seems to be mere revenge, rather than financial profit, if proved guilty, he may have to face years in prison.