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Google invests £3 million in solar power plant

Internet search giant Google is investing £3 million in a massive solar power plant in Germany.

The 116-acre site near Berlin, which was formerly a Russian military training ground, will be converted into a photo-voltaic solar energy farm capable of generating 18.65 mega watts on nice sunny days.

Google is still waiting for a green light from German competition authorities but given the proper permission, the plant will eventually generate sustainable power for local residents.

"Google is always looking for new ways to encourage development and deployment of renewable energy across the world," said Google's clean energy advocacy manager Benjamin Kott. "This facility will provide clean energy to more than 5,000 households in the area surrounding Brandenburg. Until the early 90s, the site was used as a training ground by the Russian military. We’re glad it has found a new use."

Google is teaming up with German private equity company Capital Stage which already has its fingers in multiple clean energy pies, and more than 70 per cent of the panels used in the plant will come from German suppliers.

"After investing in clean energy projects in the US, we’re excited about making our first investment outside of the US in Germany, a country that has long been a global leader in clean energy development," said Kott.