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IBM Introduces New SmartCloud Enterprise Platform

International Business Machines has rolled out its next generation IBM SmartCloud platform which is tailor made for businesses.

According to the company, the new IBM SmartCloud comes integrated with IBM's existing cloud portfolio and enterprise cloud technologies that would allow businesses to create private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures on IBM hardware and software offerings.

IBM said that the new cloud platform was centred around five dimensions; security and isolation, availability and performance, technology platforms, management support and deployment, and payment and billing.

The company said that the SmartCloud platform will come in two versions: IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+, with the former being available immediately. IBM said that Enterprise+ will be launched later this year.

“The new IBM SmartCloud allows for the best of both worlds – the cost savings and scalability of a shared cloud environment plus the security, enterprise capabilities and support services of a private environment,” Erich Clementi, senior vice president of IBM Global Technology Services, said in a statement.

“In thousands of cloud engagements, we have discovered that the enterprise client wants a choice of cloud deployment models that meet the requirements of their workloads and the demands of their business,” he added.