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Microsoft To Equip Toyota Cars With Internet Services

Car maker Toyota has partnered with Microsoft to bring the web to its entire automobile range under the Toyota Media Services unit.

The partnership will see Toyota and the software giant jointly investing around $12 million or £7.3 million to bring internet based services to Toyota cars. The companies plan to develop GPS, power management and media services for the automobiles.

According to a report on BBC News, Toyota's 2012 range of hybrid cars will be the first to get the new internet services. The company plans to introduce the technology worldwide by 2015.

The in-car internet based information and media services will be based on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing and storage platform. The main focus of the partnership, which which rely on services built using telematics technology, is to provide power management services to customers.

"This new partnership between Microsoft and Toyota is an important step in developing greater future mobility and energy management for consumers around the world," Toyota president Akio Toyoda said.

Microsoft has previously worked with Ford on Ford Sync, launched back in 2007, which allows users to make phone calls, access a GPS system and listen to text messages on the move.