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Multiple person video calling comes to mobiles

Popular mobile communications software company Fring has unveiled the news of a beta version of its software, which allows for group video calling over a mobile phone.

Fring’s latest version is in a limited edition beta, where its development team is putting the finishing touches to the free app before it’s released – which brings to mobile phones for the very first ever time, group calling.

The Fring mobile phone software is well-known for enabling all the populous chat software under one roof, with access to MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, AIM and ICQ – along with video and voice calling, over 4G, 3G and WIFI on Apple, Nokia and Google OS run handsets.

The soon-to-be-seen latest application is only geared up for Android and the iPhone, whilst they caused some controversy in the past with Apple by allowing FaceTime video calling over 3G when the company hadn’t even been able to muster that feature themselves.

Check out the video below that highlights the new feature running from the Apple handset.

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