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Novell Releases Mono For Android, Bringing .NET And C#

In an official announcement made yesterday, Novell finally confirmed the availability of Mono for Android.

The new release means the door to the Android platform has opened for applications based on Microsoft .NET and C#.

Two years ago, Novell launched another product, named MonoTouch, for all Apple iOS devices. “Since the introduction of MonoTouch in 2009, developers have experienced how Mono streamlines mobile application development,” the chief of Novell’s developer platform and the founder of the Mono Project, Miguel de Icaza, said in a statement.

“We developed Mono for Android to give both individual developers and businesses a way of sharing their code across multiple mobile platforms increasing efficiency and reuse of their C# and .NET expertise across the board," he added.

According to reports, Novell has launched this campaign with four different versions of Mono for Android; Student for $99, Professional for $399, Enterprise for $999 and Enterprise 5 for $3,999. The detailed information and the differences between these products can be found on the official Mono for Android website.

Richard Stallman, the founder of the GNU project warned developers that those who have built, or are currently building applications based on .NET for the Android platform, may end up opening themselves to legal complications coming from Microsoft’s side.