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Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Debuts In US For $349, UK Customers Screwed

The Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will go on sale in the US from this Sunday for a mere $350, that a full seven months after the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G was announced last year at the 2010 IFA in Berlin.

The tablet will go on sale at Circuit City, CompUSA, TigerDirect or and is going 10 days earlier than the Research in Motion Blackberry Playbook tablet, which is another 7-inch tablet challenger with a much better set of specifications but a much higher price as well.

As usual, UK customers are properly screwed; the UK price of the tablet is set at £349 which includes a free 16GB SD card but still doesn't explain why even when taxes are accounted for, the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the UK costs nearly 40 per cent more than its US counterpart.

In addition, we're not sure as to why Samsung kept it so late before introducing the Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab; it could be that they did not want to foster competition within their own portfolio.

Anyhow, we'd advise against buying the Wi-Fi version altogether since the 3G model can be purchased in the UK for only £299 (plus a minimal topup) from O2. Sure it will be SIM-locked but then you can either choose NOT to use the 3G altogether (just shove any SIM card in there and use the Wi-Fi only) or unlock it and use it with any SIM. O2 will charge you a flat fee of £15 for that and the unlocking process can be done entirely online.