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Apple orders masses of storage for iTunes cloud

Apple has reportedly placed an order for 12 million gigabytes of storage adding weight to persistent rumours of a major move into the cloud.

The company has long been the subject of speculation that it is planning to turn its iTunes software into an online media locker and the purchase of 12 petabytes of storage, alongside the construction of a giant data centre in North Carolina, would certainly seem to indicate that things are very much afoot.

Google and Amazon have both made moves into the centralised media server business and most see it only as a matter of time before the Cupertino company follows suit, allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod users to access music and video collections without having to store masses of data on their iDevices.

Washington-based EMC outfit Isilon Systems is said to have secured the order which, to put it in context could store more than 200,000 standard DVDs, but further details are currently under embargo according to Storage Newsletter.

Apple is said to have been in talks with music labels for months now over the details of the move into cloudy territory, whereas Amazon just went ahead and opened its own US-only Cloud Player services, apparently without consultation.