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BT Announces Next Locations To Get Super-Fast Broadband

BT Openreach has revealed the next 156 exchanges to be equipped with super-fast broadband, which will begin this summer and should be fully implemented by the end of 2012.

This project is a part of BT’s larger plan to provide fibre broadband services to two-thirds of UK households and businesses by the end of 2015.

This next stage of the upgrading process will be carried out various different towns and cities around the UK, a full list of the locations can be seen on ZDNet.

"To assist communications providers with their planning, Openreach will provide industry with a more specific date for the enablement of each exchange six months prior to an exchange being upgraded to fibre broadband," BT said.

BT’s own estimates suggest that not more than 50 of these exchanges are likely to be fully upgraded by the summer’s end. Some will be equipped with the technology by the end of the year, while the remainder will be offering the service by the end of 2012.

Reports suggest that none of these 156 exchanges are likely to earn any profits from BT’s 100 Mbps broadband service.

David Campbell, the managing director of BT Openreach’s next-gen access said in a recent interview, “We'll continue to work closely with industry and local and devolved authorities around the country in deciding where to deploy the technology next.”