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Microsoft To Patch Record 64 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft is releasing a mammoth 17 bulletins next week to patch a record 64 vulnerabilities in Windows, MS office, Internet Explorer and a number of other software, the company stated in its patch Tuesday preview.

The bulletins are basically security updates that Microsoft comes up with every now and then to fix errors, or flaws in their Windows OS and other Microsoft software.

This is the first time that the company will be issuing such an enormous bulletin package. The earlier Oct. 2010 and Dec. 2010 packages contained fixes for 49 and 40 flaws respectively.

The company said that 9 out of these 17 updates are deemed to be “critical”- the gravest threat level in the company’s 4 step scoring system, while the remaining eight fall under the “important” category.

Seven of these seventeen updates are most likely to require mandatory restarts, while for the rest, a restart will only be optional.

Commenting on Microsoft’s habit of issuing updates every two months, Andrew Storms, the director of security operations at nCircle security said, "We were expecting the larger release this month, based on the normal cadence,"

The release of these patches will be likely starting from this coming Tuesday 12th April.