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Microsoft to plug 64 holes in one security update

Microsoft has announced that it will release a bumper 17 patches to plug 64 security holes in its Windows operating system, Office productivity apps and Internet Explorer browser.

The April 'Patch Tuesday' bulletin outlined nine 'critical' and eight 'important' flaws amid the bumper crop, as well as less frightening fixes for Office for Mac, Visual Studio, .Net Framework, GDI+ and Visual C++.

Some of the issues addressed were publicly exposed as far back as February 15th, including a critical flaw in the SMB browser which could allow remote code execution.

The patches will be rolled out to users starting from April 12th and Microsoft will be holding a public webcast where users can learn more about web bulletins the day after.

Although Microsoft has released 17 patches in a single update before now, in December 2010, fixing 64 vulnerabilities in one go is a new record - and one of which the Redmond company will not be proud.