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Milton Keynes Has Slowest 3G Broadband In UK, Study Finds

Milton Keynes has topped the list of top ten towns with the slowest mobile broadband, a recent report by the comparison site reveals.

The study which was carried out by was based on the 3G speed tests conducted by users on its Streetstats 3G application, available only for the iPhone.

While Milton Keynes graced the bottom of the list with an average speed of 1.7 Mbps, the study placed Peterborough, with 3.6 Mbps average speed, as the town with the fastest 3G speed. also claimed that the average 3G speed in Milton Keynes is almost 45% slower than the national average of UK’s all major cities and towns.

'The 3G landscape is not much better for smartphone users in the Midlands city of Leicester and the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. Both have large populations and both suffer from 3G mobile broadband speeds slower than the national average of 2.62 Mbps,” the report said.

The study also highlighted some other interesting facts, such as, at 1.7 Mbps, an average 3G user from Milton Keynes would require almost 10 seconds to load a web page on his smartphone, almost an hour to stream an entire movie, and more than a couple of minutes to download an application.