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Photos Of 5th Generation iPod Touch Apparently Emerge

Photos supposedly of the 5th generation iPod Touch have appeared online, suggesting that the upcoming Apple device wil have 128GB of storage and a capacitive home button.

The pictures turned up on the MacRumors website, posted by an anonymous reader, showing a number of blurry photographs of a new iPod Touch device, widely speculated as the prototype of the 5th generation iPod Touch. The photographs show the device bearing an aluminium back.

Following its tradition of refreshing its entire iOS product ecosystem every year, Apple is likely to launch the new version of it’s iPod Touch soon, probably towards the end of this year.

The rumours are that the new iPod Touch model will feature an enormous storage capacity of 128 GB, twice the storage offered by the largest capacity iPod Touch available today. The leaked information also suggests the device will have a new capacitive home button. The spy shots of the device also reveal that it will run on the iOS 4.2.1 firmware.

Though, why Apple opted to go for a capacitive home button with this new iOS device is not clear yet, but some experts suggest this new feature could be trying to put a stop to the jailbreaking phenomenon, at least for a while.