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US Government Terror Alerts Coming To Facebook And Twitter

According to a report, the US Department of Homeland Security, is planning to update its current system for terror alerts, informing the public via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

A report on The Associated Press claimed that it had obtained a confidential, departmental document which indicates that terror alerts will be immediately issued to the public via the social networking platforms, once the “Federal, State and Local government leaders” are notified about the possible threats.

The current system for terror alerts in US comprises of a colour coded, 5-level guideline wherein green indicates a low threat of terror attack, followed by blue, yellow, orange and finally red which represents a severe threat of terrorist attack.

It seems, with the implementation of the new policy, the five-layered alert system will be replaced by a much simplified system classified into two different levels of alert- Elevated and Imminent.

According to the AP the “Elevated” threat level would warn citizens of a possible terror plot against the U.S without specifying details such as timing and targets, while the “Imminent” type of alerts will be a much more specific in nature.

The new plans, though yet to be finalized, could come into effect by the 27th of this month.