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Will Sony NGP Launch Be Delayed?

There have been conflicting reports from the Sony leadership about whether the launch of Sony's NGP, nicknamed the PlayStation Portable 2, might be delayed due to events in Japan.

Jack Tretton, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America was clearly citing the after-effects of the Tsunami when he said that the NGP may be launched in only a single region this year, instead of a worldwide release in Asia, Europe and the US that was anticipated.

“Maybe we get to just one market by the end of the year,’’ Tretton stated in a recent interview, suggesting a possible delay in the release of Sony’s new portable game machine.

But much to the relief of the waiting fans, Sony Japan’s Satoshi Fukuoka, taking an exact opposite stand to Tretton, straight away rejected that theory when he claimed that the release of the NGP need not be, and will not be postponed for any reason.

Fukuoka said, “So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan.” He also said that a report on Bloomberg suggesting the probable delay to the launch was 'wrong'.

Using the words 'so far' still adds an element of doubt. But in any case, the NGP, will hit the market in at least one region this year no matter which of these two Sony bosses is right.