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Patent For iPhone Smart Hybrid Display Emerges

An Apple patent for hybrid screen technology has recently surfaced online. The patent, which was filed some two years back, reveals possible display features for future generations of the iPhone.

The patent application, first discovered by the blog Patently Apple contains sketches of this future technology. The hybrid screen would be able to switch between a standard LCD and e-Paper display, and actually divide into four quadrants which could intelligently switch display types depending on user content.

The application reveals that with this new hybrid screen technology, the interaction with the phone could go well beyond just touching the conventional front-facing screen. Apparently, Apple could use the secondary exterior display on many fronts, the most obvious one would be to exploit it in highlighting the virtual buttons around the phone’s edges.

Any official or even unofficial words are yet to come from Apple regarding the possibilities of converting this patented technology into production. But it wouldn’t turn out to be a huge surprise if the said technology never comes into existence, as the engineering practicalities and cost can prove to be prohibitive.

Gloria Lin and Andrew Hodge are those credited with inventing the technology. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.