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Time Warner And Viacom Clash Over iPad Streaming TV

US media giants Time Warner Cable and Viacom have locked horns in court over streaming live TV content on Apple's iPad.

Time Warner Cable, Time Warner's cable TV arm, has claimed that it is entitled to offer TV content to its subscribers on devices other than televisions without paying additional licensing fees.

Viacom, on the other hand, which owns popular TV channels like Comedy Central and MTV, claims Time Warner Cable's decision to stream its content on iPads could seriously undermine its business as the company is not getting paid for it.

The companies filed lawsuits against each other on Thursday after TWC was forced to pull 11 popular Viacom programmes from its iPad app following a legal complaint from the company.

“We have steadfastly maintained that we have the rights to allow our customers to view this programming in their homes, over our cable systems, without artificial limits on the screens they can use to do so, and we are asking the court to confirm our view,” Time Warner executive vice-president and general counsel, Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum, said in a statement.

The lawsuit could define how future iPad TV streaming contracts are forged as many other US cable companies plan on offering live TV on Apple's tablet PC device.