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Motorola To Sell 16GB XOOM On Verizon Wireless?

A screenshot of the backend of Verizon Wireless' system database has been published online showing a 16GB version of the Motorola XOOM tablet.

The photo posted by Droid-life shows that the 16GB device is listed and should be an LTE 4G version rather than a CDMA 3G model.

The Wi-Fi version of the tablet was announced last month for $599 and both this one and the 3G version (in their 32GB iterations) are already in the UK.

We're not sure whether a 16GB model will be introduced in the UK since no sellers have yet listed it and Carphone Warehouse is still the only reseller for the 3G model.

Furthermore, a 16GB model would be a potential threat to the 32GB model since the XOOM comes with a microSD card slot which would allow users to add in more memory on the cheap.

Still, the fact that the XOOM was initially launched as a 32GB model means that potential customers may tend to see the Motorola Tablet as being expensive because of the comparison with the 16GB iPad 2 which sells for £399.

Around 100,000 XOOM tablets have been sold according to analysts' estimates which is significantly less than what the Apple 2 shipped.

But a closer partnership with mobile phone operators might be the key as Carphone Warehouse is shipping the XOOM on a two year contract with unlimited data for £25 a month with an initial outlay of £199.