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Stocks Of iPad 2 In UK Still Very Tight

Demand for the Apple iPad 2 is still far outstripping supply it seems as all the stock keeping units (SKUs) of the tablet are still missing in action more than two weeks after its UK launch. John Lewis, Misco and Expansys list all the iPad 2 tablet as being out of stock.

Best Buy doesn't sell them online and you will have to call their stores first to verify the stock level before driving there. As for Carphone Warehouse, its partner, it doesn't sell the iPad 2 online. You can only register to get stock updates as all the stores appear to be temporarily outu of stock.

Amazon doesn't directly sell the iPad 2 but many of its marketplace reseller, like purelygadgets, do. However expect those to be sold at a significant premium (up to 100 per cent in some cases!).

Argos, Tesco & Comet have some stocks although that fluctuates significantly. At the time of writing, Argos had stocks of the white 64GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 ready to ship within two day while Comet had the same with 3G and Apple had the cheapest 16GB model available nationwide with free delivery.

The device was launched in the UK on the 25th of March, two weeks after its debut in the US. Apple hasn't said yet how many units have been sold but analysts say that at least two million units have been shipped until now.