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Survey Shows Tablets Used Mainly For Gaming

A survey carried out by Admob shows that an overwhelming majority of respondents are using their tablet devices mainly to play games.

The research was carried out amongst 1430 respondents in the US and revealed that 84 per cent played games on their tablets with 78 per cent using their device to search for information, 74 per cent checking their email and only 61 per cent reading news from it.

Surprisingly, Social networking and listening to music or watching videos got 56 per cent and 51 per cent respectively with Shopping and Ebook reading, at 42 per cent and 46 per cent, were the least popular tasks carried out on tablets.

The AdMob findings also highlighted that more than a quarter of the respondents say that the tablet is now their primary computer and 43 per cent say that they spend less time on their traditional PC than on their tablets.

33 per cent of those who answered reckon they now spend more time on their tablets than watching television, 59 per cent saying the same when compared to paper book.

A whipping 38 per cent of respondents say that they have spent two hours or more a day on the tablet with 68 per cent saying they spend half that amount every day.

The survey was carried out some times in March and it will be interesting to see whether the trend highlighted by the shift from traditional platforms accelerates.