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Adobe Introduces Creative Suite 5.5

Software maker Adobe has introduced Creative Suite 5.5, offering graphic design, video editing, web development and mobile design applications, which has support for tablet devices and smartphones.

Adobe's Creative Suite is a bundled package that offers all Adobe designing and editing software in a single package. There is a large saving to be made by purchasing all of them in one go, rather than buying all the Adobe software individually.

According to an article on Cnet, Adobe also plans on going into the software rental business, allowing individuals to rent Adobe software, although its plans for enterprise users and students have not been disclosed.

The Flash maker is considering offering its software to rent on an annual basis, which would involve monthly payments, or a month-to-month payment plan with higher prices which does not require a 12 month commitment allowing users to rent Adobe software just when required.

The rented software will check into Adobe servers every 30 days in order to check whether the credit card being used by the user is still valid and to make an automatic payment. If the card is not valid or has been removed by the user, the user gets a 5-day grace period for making the payments after which the software will cease to operate.