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Anonymous Urges Global Day Of Protest Against Sony

Anonymous has put a halt to its attacks on Sony PlayStation sites and wants to encourage a worldwide day of instore protests against Sony on this coming Saturday April 16th.

The Facebook-arranged event, which has almost 2000 'attendees' at the time of writing, has attracted some surprise, especially from Sony Bosses, reports have revealed.

According to Anonymous, this sudden change in their strategy is due to the fact that it was not only Sony, but many of the PlayStation users who have ended up on the receiving end of their recent DDoS attacks against the PlayStation sites.

Sony had come under attack from Anonymous for its decision to take legal action against George Hotz, known as “Geohot”, the infamous PlayStation jailbreaker, a move the hacktivist group termed as an assault on the right to free speech and information.

“Let’s not allow Sony to commit this injustice. It’s time to get pissed OFF not pissed ON. On the 16th of April, go to your nearest Sony outlet and protest! Bring your friends. Be pissed. Raise some noise. Together, we shall make History,” Anonymous appealed to PlayStation fans all around the world.

"Their propaganda regarding jailbreaking implies that it encourages piracy and thereby makes people lose their jobs, whereas jailbreaking actually just means you are making YOUR device do what it should do," The hacktivist group said in a statment.