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Apple To Realease iOS 4.3.2 Soon

Apple will be introducing its latest software update the iOS 4.3.2. within two weeks, having only recently released the 4.3.1 update, reports claim.

The iOS operating system is used in an array of company’s portable devices such as the iPod, iPad as well as iPhone. The new incremental update of the iOS will feature a few enhancements as well as bug fixes, the tech website BoyGeniusReport claims.

However, it is not clear yet what these updates and fixes are exactly. But iPhone 4 users around the world will certainly hope that it comes up with a solution for the recurring alarm bug, which has caused considerable annoyance to many users who overslept.

The previous version of iOS, the iOS 4.3.1, was launched last month and featured fixes for a couple of graphics-related glitches, an iPod Touch screen related glitch, an authentication problem faced by enterprise web services and a cellular connectivity issue.

Apple earlier announced that the upcoming Apple World Wide Developers Conference to be held in San Fransico, will have a particular focus on operating systems and the future possibilities for the iOS. This announcement from Apple gave rise to a large amount of speculation about a possible official confirmation by the company of the introduction of iOS 5.